Sunday, July 26, 2015 @ 5:11 PM

harini nk share recepi paling mudah simple yet marbeless dessert di alam semester. (peh hyperbola!)


cream cheese 250g
susu pekat manis separuh tin
any type of biskut kering (ad ke biskut basah?haha ) 
air susu (susu tepung ke dutch lady ke ape2 pun boleyy)
nestum/ crushed oreo

first of all, bismillah dulu n kasi selawat skit harap2 cheeskut ni mnjadi huhu,  putar itu cream cheese smpai kembang then campur dgn susu pekat manis. lepas tu letak tepi dulu.
amik sebekas tupperware mak korg ( mintak izin dulu kang xpsai2 mak korg tercari cari bekas tupperware kesayangan tu haha) untuk letak biskut. Sebelum susun elok2 biskut tu, celup dulu dgn air susu (jgn smpai lembik pulak haha) just nice moist. then susun elok2 dlm tupperware tu. lpas da buat 2 lapisan biskut tu, amik cream cheese yg korg putar td, sapu ataih biskut tu elok2. then tabur  nestum / oreo. ulang step susun smpai penuh sebekas tupperware tu .siap! letak dlm freezer for 6 to 12 hours or semalaman. 

n u can enjoy your delicious cheeskut!

simple kan? mine is oreo cheeskut. ad gaye oreo cheese cake dak? kekeke

Thursday, July 9, 2015 @ 7:14 PM


eh ad part 2?

nak tau cite g bce previous post. so i will continue with part two storyyy.

" awak, si dot ajak keluar"

and the story begin..

it was thursday ( i forgot the date) we finally went out. it wasnt a date because there 3 of us haha. me , si dot n my ex roomy (dila). they (si dot n dila) finished their class at 4 something. dila texted me to get ready n wear nicely n put on some wangi2. (hahaha saje nk kenekan ak) but i didnt. just wearing a crumple orange blouse with tudung x lipat. n no wangi2 n xbedak pun. malas!

dia ajak keluar tp dila yg jd connection between us. dia xde pun text ak pkul bpe nk kluar hari ape n ak pun xde la nk menanye kt si dot. end up memasing x text langsung tup2 keluar skli. lawak x? hahaha

i told dila sruh dyorg solat asr dulu sbb nnti senang dah keluar ptg tu xde la rushing. around 4.50, they picked me up at hostel. dot drive keta saga dia n its was my first time naik keta dia hahaha k n opkos la duduk seat belakang since dila n dot dtg skali dr fakulti.

scene dalam keta

first few minutes agak awwkarddd sbb yela DAH LA DAH TAK CONTACT, APETAH LAGI JUMPE NI TETIBE AJAK KELUAR haa kau .

but i managed break that awkwrd scene by asking random questions, hows stdy, buat lawak skit n lame2 yeah borak2 kalah mak jemah jiran sebelah tu haa. uu terer x i cover awkrd hahah. poyo!

kemana kah kite? xde da tmpt lain kt puncak alam ni selain SCM (setia city mall). so he asked me to decide where to eat? eat? amboi bang nk lanje makan keeee (smirk face). nk je ckp i nk mkn steak paling sedap kt sini but i end up makan mane2 je xkisah jnji kenyang. ( why mulut so sopann haa?)

lpas berkira2 ktorg settled down kt nandos je. mkn ayam. i admit first time mkn nandos i dont like it at first sbb ayam dia masammmm >_<. tp since nk jage hati org kan, polot jela ayam tu. sambil2 makan tu borak mcm2 cite dr bnde kecik smpai gelak x hingat dunia. mcm nandos tu kitorg punye pulak n tht awkwardless conversation cont smpai pinggang ayam licin !

lpas makan, kitorg jenjalan dlm scm n still berborak itu ini smpai la ...

" eh, dot ad hutang dgn bibi kan. coolblog xde kt sini. chattime ok?"
i waas like...

"haaa chatime je la hahaha. " dgn spontan tanpa segan silu ak jwb cmtuw..
" ok jum"

" suke flavor ape"
tetibe ak tersedar
" serius ke nih nk blanje?" .ak tnya lagi skali sbb ak kenal si dot bukan jenis suke blnje org. sejak dip lagi da kenal dgn kekedekutan dia ni hahahaha.

" order cepat!" .. ak pun ok kan jela.
lpas order tu jenjaln area taman kt scm n sempat selpiee 2 3 keping. heee

finally berakhir jgak kisah coolblog yg setahun lepas tu. *wlaupn dapat chattime which is lagi mahal n sedap dr coolblog hahaha. till now ak xtau ape motif dia beriya iya nk blnje coolblog tu. ak rase klau org lain xde kot smpai nk btol2 blnje bnde yg dia ckp almost setahun lepas.
oh well, i didnt expect that day will end up with awkwardless,full of gelaks MEETING ( not dating k) since we havent catch up for ages! biar lah bnde tu jd tanda tanya.. till then adios...

p/s: i just finished my exam n officially ended of my 1 year degree. bole raye dgn suke riaaaaa.

Sunday, April 12, 2015 @ 12:43 AM

this coolblog story was started when i spontaneously asked him to treat me a coolblog for  my 21st birthday. it was a joke actually n i dont really mean it. which means, it almost a year ago.
well not literally a year yet still it was sept last year.
but he took it serious till today?
 after a series of  'bile nk jumpe? bile nk coolblog? 
i wasnt expect that he still concerned about it since 17 september 2014 n now april 2015?

we rarely contct each other coz we have nothing to talk about. he also bz with his studies n im bz with mine n since we r not in the same faculty so i guess that's the end of it. n i already forgot about the coolblog n dont even bother it anymore.

second time was after quite some time we didnt contct  he out of sudden asked about the coolblog.
it was before sem break last semester. 
dia ajak jumpe tp xjd sbb ak terpakse balik awl sbb parents ak dtg kl. time tu ak da abis paper n ak balik esoknye (khamis) n dia ajak jumpe jumaat sbb dia tinggal 2 paper final. so yaa. xde rezeki. time cuti sem tu mmg msing2 senyap. ak pon mls nk amik kisah psl dia. lantak lerr..

today 12/4/15
once again out of blue moon after ages not contacting each other, he asked about the coolblog AGAIN! . i was scrolling my insta and came across with his pic. i dropped a comment asking about pau since he posted a pic of him doing a group of presentation to set up a PAU company. hahahaha lawak btol*

then he mention me with this " bile nk coolblog?" 
ak tanye lain dia jawab lain -__-"

awat la dia still  beria ria sgt nk blanje coolblog tu? crite dh lapuk tp entah la he still insisted to......

n i have no idea about it......                                                                            

 (to be continued ke?)

awkward- less   
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 @ 1:53 AM

bru lpas minum seting nescafe ak xleh tido. so manfaatkn internet yg tgh laju tgh2 mlm bute ni. hehe

after more than 2 weeks, i accidentally met him again this morning.
heart pounding fast, no doubt, as i saw his figure yet i act cool. 
he greeted n sat next to me. (i was in librry completing my esaimengg at tht moment)
we had conversation for quite some time heee. (terselit jgak gelak2 besar even dlm librry hahaha mcm kwn lame dh lame x jumpe)
(he came with his other two classamte btw)

i didnt expect tht.after we didnt keep in touch for quite long. (i thought he already ignored me since he had many new friends here huhuhu)

thanks for the pleasant greet n the awkward-less conversation we had. hope to see u again. 

one more thing, he just change his whatsapp status few hours ago
" high all the time, to keep u off my mind" . i wonder who .......

if you do then prove it!  
Saturday, November 1, 2014 @ 7:47 PM

yeay its november!( it got nothing to do with me anyways ha ha ha)

a whole day well spent in MY ROOM. stuck with assignments and project to be done.
oh well good news, uitm no longer BAND FB in their networking.wehuuuuu (pdhl bukan on9 sgt pon) and since my roomate went home and i conquer the internet cabel *miahahahaha* soo im gonna do excercise for my phalanges (chewah kau!).

currently in week 7. ( 7 weeks left to end my 1st semester omgg!).
mah brain need to be push to gear 4. the subject is gettin tough. feeling like wanna quit.  
but, thinking about my parents whom they have done a lot for me till where im now, it build my inner strength and keep me strong.

i really wish that i had a person here and i could tell all my stories to that person about my class, my lecturers, and how i fell asleep in lecture hall hahahaha. but i dont have one. everyday i walk alone to class. sometimes eat alone in my room and had no conversation with no one the whole day. me is so boring aite?

oh well, that doesnt matter bcause i already used to it. and i had Him. He knows better than i do  and He always be there whenever i need and understand whatever i feel. ( even sometimes i wanna feel the real heart to heart conversation with someone . mybe not now hiks)

i dont know how it feels when (if) i been cared by someone for real. (its different between a care from someone and your friend). mgkin akn rase rimas kot hahaha since dh biase bersendiri. dan ak pon tak reti nk tunjuk rase sayang n prihatin kt someone (if i had one laa) sbb diri sendri pon tak tersayang. acaner tu? kesian...

sebenarnye in nk crite psl mamat ni. ak dgn dia kwn mcm biase. dia buat hal dia. ak buat hal ak. tp kdg2 tu, the way he treat me like there's something which i could not explain. somehow like a care or just being normal like friend do.(tp bukan selalu. skali skala je la.i dont knoww T_T). thts why la ak mcm tertanya2 ape motif dia treat ak cmtu. ak xsuke bile keadaan ak curious on something tp ak xdpt jwpnnyeee. takkn tetibe nk tnye direct " kenape sekian bin sekian care psl kite". kang ad yg kene " eh ko prasan lebih" , mampuihh nk tahan malu wehh.. sbb tu la ak nk tau klau dia btol2 care, , tnjuk btol2..

crite yg tergantung sbb ak pon xtau ape kesudahhannye. let the time decide. bye.