bad day..:(  
Monday, February 21, 2011 @ 5:59 PM

huh! that all i can say..
a bad day 4 me..
" i hav told u don't do this and that!"
my teacher scolded me.. he thought that i hav already know how 2 drive like a pro..
everything was just fine past 30minutes..
but when it came to the hill ( bukit rndah je)...i was blank..
'you need to pull the handbreak, push the clach and the so on'..he ordered me to do so...
well, i just followed what he just said..but the first tried was a failure..
and the teacher scolded me ''i hav told u.did u heard what i just said??"

arrghh...then the second and the third try...all failed..
and he said" get off the car"

i know..i still can't climb up the hill..but he shouldn't scold me like that..
i'm still learning..
that why i came to DRIVING learn how to be a good driver.. but not for a second! takes time!..

that all 4 today..i hope 2morrow will be better than today...