short entry ^__^  
Thursday, May 26, 2011 @ 1:15 AM

yata!..huhu..notink importnt 4 this entry..Photobucket..jut wanna show my first try making the handmade stuff from felt paper tht hav been so famous lately, among the bloggers especially...huhu

this is my first son first try ..well, not gud enough..actually, i used my fren's stuff in making this domo i'm still new wif it..need to learn more...


haa..this 100% mine..i ordered the felt ppr n other thinz wif ma fren a few days ago n those stuff arrived this afternn..spent a lot of money..Photobucket... made it a couple hours ago n it took just a few minutes to finished it..elmo by the nme..well, not so good..need to prctis more n more..Photobucket

snapping tyme!!!!

(bende ape plak wane itam dlm gmbr ni???)Photobucket

( upernyer..nk masuk boat jugak dy..Photobucket..esh3)

(ok, jum snap 3 3...say!Photobucket ) entry is done....hopefully, i can make more cute handmade stuff...then i can sell it..keke..Photobucket...tata....