Mcd break fast!!  
Saturday, August 20, 2011 @ 2:37 PM

waaa, we had BIG break fast 2day...(thursday 18/8)
we had our break fast at Mcd just about 6oometers randomly from our college..
walking all the way to mcd..WALKING??..(excercise sket)..

tired but excited...
nothing much that i could say in this post...
just wanna show some (no no. i mean a lot of pictures) that i snapped while we were having our big meals..
lets watch..

*ni org ker monster nk makan??* hahaha...not monster lar...we ate them all until the last single of fries ofcos..
well, that fries look soooo delicious ( dan ketinggiannyer mnyerupai gunung ledang.haha)
*lebih2 plak ko ni bibi..

ok2, next picture

nyummy, choco sunday...
mouth watering dessert... choco sunday as my *pencuci mulut*..i wish i could have more..(next tyme mybe)
for this big break fast, we spent over a hundred! how come??

lets list the order..
GCB(large)-7  and got 1 free
6pieces nugget- 4set
4pieces nugget -2set
mc flurry oreo-2
choco cunday-3
else(xingt sume)

*thnx to our sponsor  HAZANIDA n NABIL (my clssmte)
(diorg ni menang hdiah pertnding menulis essei..aza dpt RM150 nabil-RM100) 
  that's why diorg blnjer giler....thnxs again...^__^

my GCB (large)..
choco sundae+ milo+gcb...
eating eating n eating...
nah, you wan it urself..haha

arggg, so full maaa..when the tyme came for us return to our college, we all..erkkkkk, haha

(masing2 berat perut) ngeh2..
      as malay saying geos " gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka aty..haha

now, its tyme for us to take off...
front left-nabil ekin aza farah n nima..
where is me??? :(
that all for this post..i noe i noe its a bit boring but who cares?? mind ur business ...
enjoy read it..kbai....
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Ajim boy..