its been a while  
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 @ 5:33 PM

Assalamualaikum! elo.. elo... elo... *echo is there anybody here..oh well, only me.. hey people!, im back! from?? from elsewhere.. check my last previous blog update. yeah its june! 4 months been left this blog ohmy. boooooo me booooo..

 hey, hey, dont boo yet.. let me explain first.! well since my lappy was in bad conditions, n i was like errrhh..(xde duit).. so i stop blogging TEMPORARY..not PERMENANTLY k.. on9 only with ma new phone.. kiki..*thts another reason..(xbest la update gune phone. to small to write anything. but big enough to tweet n facebooking..her herh her. 

 sebenarnya ak da abis sem 3. dh 2 mggu start cuti sem. last update blog start sem 3. skrg dah abis sem bru nak update balik.. time fast flies. been through a lot of bitter sweet memories in sem im waiting for final exam reslt..praying hard for deans list in this sem. amin amin amin.. lub dub lub dub.. *dont want talk abot tht*.. ala, cmner ak nk strt bercerite ni, terlampau banyak.. n mgkin ad yg da basi..huhuh..ak sbnrnyer bkn mls nk update, tp sem 3 tu buat ak limitkan kegiatan sosial networking ak..didnt have much time for those stuff n even for myself.. diriku terabai..kdg2 smpai sakit sbb stdy hard sgt..chewahh.. huhu. xpe lah...susah dlu, senang kemudian..kan kan.kan xpe lah. post kali sekadar lepas rindu kt blog ak ni.. esk luse ak bercerite smpai lebam..asenyer stakat je lah..adios!