Holiday iS COminG SOon!  
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 @ 7:51 PM

cikgu! cikgu!
last Paiper last Paiper! hahahaha..(xpyh nk last paiper sgt lah!)
but it is last paper...just waiting for my last paiper this saturday to end up my second sem in dip pharmacy
oh God, i cant wait for the moment to come...ermmm, let's checked wat paiper i have done..

Liquid Dosage form (LDF)
Chemistry 2
Life Science
one more!
after that ...HOLIDAY..for 2 months ..that quite long ha..still wondering wat activities should i do during that holiday..ah! dont want to think about it now!..will make list later..wewee..the previous papers were quite ok this time.. hoping my target will be come true..amin..4flat.4flat..4flat..(tinggi sgt tu bibi)
ok.2 at least dean's list or 3 pointer..insyaAllah..amin...^_^
i miss my family. home n Terengganu itseft sooooooooooooooooo much
it had been  three months i left them...

one more paper left..
time please run faster homesick!
me want mom! me want dad! me want homeee...

ok. stop nagging bibi!