FareWell Eating..:'(  
Thursday, April 5, 2012 @ 4:44 PM

first expression about her
fierce, strict..
but after 2 sem she had been teaching us, she is
good, loving , caring, funny, sporting lecturer
dont forget about her cuteness..hehe
n gossip lecturer... enjoyed each moments during her class.
laughing, making jokes, gossiping but still she tought us well..

after this, she no longer tought us chemistry coz next sem
our subject is more to pharmacy field..in our last class, i was touch as she said
" i enjoyed teaching ur class..feeling no stress n one of the best batch"
i saw her eyes, begin to cry..but she denied..we understand..:)

31/1/12 .8.30..p.m

having a dine at Mcd..she treated us for the dinner..
even she was not feeling very well, but still willing to spent some moments for us..
so sweet of u..^_^
she came wif her loving husband.
having such stories , gossip, laugh, jokes n talks on and on untill full..
it was the best night ever spending our time with you..

so, here some words to you...
dear. pn Bie..
we know that we're such a naughty stdnts in class
sometimes paying no attention during ur lesson.(sleepy somehow)
we sorry...
forgive our mistakes if we have made u lost ur temper or hurting u incidentlly..
n last but no least..wish u have blast every single sec in ur life n be strong facing any difficulties...

wif lots of love,
us ...

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