Saturday, May 5, 2012 @ 9:55 PM

just a word came out from my mouth, alhamdulillah..nothing else could decribe my feeling at tht moment..

27/4.. annoucment of dip exmination reslt..i was trembling like a leaf when checking my email..
walking here an there n cant stand still..my heart beat pounding so fast!
alhamdulillah.. my got an awesome rslt. improve a lot..well, although i didnt get the dean's list but i was so really greatful wif my achivement. all my work hard is worthwhile..from 2.75, 1 fail n 3 C on my first sem, now i get 3.32 and got no C for my sec sem..without Your blessing , i wouldnt get this far.. without those important people in my life i'll not achive this success..alhamdulillah..

family- thnx for the prayers n blessing..
friends- thnx for ur supporting
lectures- thnx for ur hardwork to mke ur student reach the success..

with that i thank you.. <3