schoolz holidayyy  
Friday, May 25, 2012 @ 11:49 PM

yeay! its school holiday again! even though i'm not a "pelajar skolah" anymore, but my sem break is in school break! so, as a ex- skoolah student, i think i deserve to celebrate it as well..ngeh2..

back to the point..this whole weekdays n weekend, my life was so full of chores..
"bibi basuh pinggan, bibi sapu smpah, bibi kemas umah, bibi this , bibi that.. n bla bla bla.."
well, as a anak solehah ramlah ram  n sulong, i hve to obey those orders..=_=".." yes mother".*ikhlaskan hati..
just having another a weeks to spent my sem break here..then, will back to college this early jun..:(
dont wan dont wan!!

now, currently bz with my eldest brother's wedding preparation..
set up the tent, goodies bags, bunga magga n so on lah..(bju kurung satu kluarge matching)..*cam raye lah pulak house is being decorated- new curtains, new furniture, and my house looks awesome with new colour..*i guess...
well, i'll be posting about my brother weeding in another post. n btw the weeding is on 27/05..2 days left..
n the good news is, i'll be a informal photographer for his wedding..yeayy! 
*my dreams come true!

ok, time's up..prince charming is waiting in my dream castle..daaa..