Friday, March 25, 2011 @ 9:24 PM

praise to Allah..
cz HIS blessing..
i got a good result in SPM
although i didn't achieve my target..i dont mind..
i felt greatful..wif ma reslt..

mom was hoping 4 a better..
i'm sorry mom, i have done ma best..
i struggled so hard to get an excellent reslt..
but i fail..but it wasn't so bad..
i got 5A 3B 2C..
still hav a chance to futher ma stdy
but then, mom still happy...
she gave me a loving hug and kisses as a present
thnx comfort me..

my brother was hoping to send me oversea..
but, once he called me and knew that i just got 5A,
his voice turn down..
mybe he really dissapointed wif me..
i'm sory 1000 times..this is ma fated..
i accepted it wif my open heart..

but, it wasn't the end of world..
not also the end of me..
i still have..
a long journey to travel..
a lot of branches of path to be choose...
and many obstacles to face up..
this is the begining of my step to be an adult..
and to be a successful women, n also to be a person..
cz 1000 steps of success begin wif one step of failure in the journey..

Now, ma new hope..
get an offer to continued my stdy in TESL
at IPG..
also hoping to get interview
for my application to be a teacher..