Hepi + Sad...  
Tuesday, April 5, 2011 @ 1:41 AM

salam.. yuhuu....
didn't write 4 quite long..huhu..
i'm quite buzy lately..
BUZY??? wat is that mean?? hahaha..wanna know?
the tredmark "ce cite ce cite" hve been well known these days..because of the "famous" hantu kak limah pulng rumah film....
well, actually i have 2 story to share...
one by one keyh...
orite...first story..


yeay, finally i got a jod!http://www.cute-smiley.com..cant believed at all..well,i was offered by sumone tat i dunt know at all to be a sales girl at de sweeties karl food...cafe in UMT
acutally i was looking 4 a job at dieyta's pizza cafe..but the owner said, it was already full..
so sad...
Then, a few days later, all of sudden, a had a phone call,from unknown person..
and she offered me to worked at her cafe..
yeah! like a malaya saying " pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang...
but i was puzzle,http://www.cute-smiley.com where did she get my phone number..??
then, she explained everthinx from A to z..huhu..
then,i accepted the job wif a great plesure..http://www.cute-smiley.com.

what is ma job??
well, i just made waffer, sweet corn,cut the friuts, and other light worked..
the job suits me very much..

the salary??
haha, i like this parthttp://www.cute-smiley.com..i'm strt working from 1pm to 9 pm..and i was paid rm17 per day?
it is enough? ofcos !..haha..

the extras??
i can eat what ever i want...waffer? sweet corn? n more..
n its all free of charge!http://www.cute-smiley.com..but i must made it by myself..sokey..that's better..

that all about ma job..done!

and ma second story...


lub dub..lub dub..i was really freaking out ..ma first jpj test..so scary ma..
just like taking ma spm examination...huhu
i rode 2 psm by my honda wave( as usual)
as i arrived, a lots of pupils people whom where waiting 4 their turn..
i came a bit late..

then, i check in my nme n waited 4 my turn...
my hand was trembling like a leaf..
but, mastura, a friend of mine, calmed me down..
i took a dep breath, and exhaled slowly..relief!..
"RABIANA SULONG"..http://www.cute-smiley.comthe speaker voice shocked me up..

the 1st test started in the track...
hill, parking, end road, all passed (alhamdulillah)
then, the 2nd one, on the road..

the tester-->MEN,http://www.cute-smiley.com good looking, and ADORABLE !..hands0me to0..
car test---> VIVA..OMG!. http://www.cute-smiley.com i never drive viva before!

then, after checking the wiper, signal, mirror, and so on, i started drivng..
at first, all was good..
BUt unfortunetly, i got the C road..OMG!...
i made a lot of mistakes while driving..
but the tester next to me never scolded or mad wif me, wat a kind MEN..
but it wasn't my lucky day, i failed in da middle of the journeyhttp://www.cute-smiley.com..
sokey, ma 1st xperience...
-->a tips 4 jpj test..
while driving, dunt talk to0 much..
all u hav to do is ....

and i hope 4 ma next test..i got the same tester..hopefully...amin..

orite..that all 4 2 day.. wat a long, boring post i had..hahahha