awkward- less   
Wednesday, November 12, 2014 @ 1:53 AM

bru lpas minum seting nescafe ak xleh tido. so manfaatkn internet yg tgh laju tgh2 mlm bute ni. hehe

after more than 2 weeks, i accidentally met him again this morning.
heart pounding fast, no doubt, as i saw his figure yet i act cool. 
he greeted n sat next to me. (i was in librry completing my esaimengg at tht moment)
we had conversation for quite some time heee. (terselit jgak gelak2 besar even dlm librry hahaha mcm kwn lame dh lame x jumpe)
(he came with his other two classamte btw)

i didnt expect tht.after we didnt keep in touch for quite long. (i thought he already ignored me since he had many new friends here huhuhu)

thanks for the pleasant greet n the awkward-less conversation we had. hope to see u again. 

one more thing, he just change his whatsapp status few hours ago
" high all the time, to keep u off my mind" . i wonder who .......