Sunday, April 12, 2015 @ 12:43 AM

this coolblog story was started when i spontaneously asked him to treat me a coolblog for  my 21st birthday. it was a joke actually n i dont really mean it. which means, it almost a year ago.
well not literally a year yet still it was sept last year.
but he took it serious till today?
 after a series of  'bile nk jumpe? bile nk coolblog? 
i wasnt expect that he still concerned about it since 17 september 2014 n now april 2015?

we rarely contct each other coz we have nothing to talk about. he also bz with his studies n im bz with mine n since we r not in the same faculty so i guess that's the end of it. n i already forgot about the coolblog n dont even bother it anymore.

second time was after quite some time we didnt contct  he out of sudden asked about the coolblog.
it was before sem break last semester. 
dia ajak jumpe tp xjd sbb ak terpakse balik awl sbb parents ak dtg kl. time tu ak da abis paper n ak balik esoknye (khamis) n dia ajak jumpe jumaat sbb dia tinggal 2 paper final. so yaa. xde rezeki. time cuti sem tu mmg msing2 senyap. ak pon mls nk amik kisah psl dia. lantak lerr..

today 12/4/15
once again out of blue moon after ages not contacting each other, he asked about the coolblog AGAIN! . i was scrolling my insta and came across with his pic. i dropped a comment asking about pau since he posted a pic of him doing a group of presentation to set up a PAU company. hahahaha lawak btol*

then he mention me with this " bile nk coolblog?" 
ak tanye lain dia jawab lain -__-"

awat la dia still  beria ria sgt nk blanje coolblog tu? crite dh lapuk tp entah la he still insisted to......

n i have no idea about it......                                                                            

 (to be continued ke?)